News Archive: 2015

I recently had the pleasure and honor of corresponding with Ed Pavlić about his latest volume of poetry, Let’s Let that are not Yet: INFERNO (Fence). You can read Ed’s expansive and thoughtful answers to my questions over at Entropy.

Crepuscule W/ Nellie was recently reviewed (and with great generosity) by Stuart Ross in the pages of Necessary Fiction.

The latest issue (5) of Tammy is here, featuring myself in the fast company of Amanda Goldblatt, Matt Bell, Natalie Eilbert, Karen Garthe, Alec Hershman, Dawn Raffel, Diane Williams and others. You can check it all out (and order your copy) here. And, if you are in the NY area on November 21, check out the sure-to-be-astonishing Tammy launch party / anniversary reading at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop.

I have created a Bandcamp site for the purposes of sharing my sound-based work (I hesitate to call it music). You can learn more and listen to actual tracks by visiting I am looking forward to “releasing” additional “albums” in 2016 and beyond.

I have three new poems featured in BOMB Magazine. Thanks to editor Andrew Bourne for bringing these works to a wider audience.

I recently spoke with Justin Raden of Don’t Do It re: Crepuscule W/ Nellie and The Habiliments, among other matters. You can read the result of our conversation here. Also in this issue (9; “Themes”): 7 poems from The Habiliments, with their palimpsesting foregrounded.

Earlier this year, I spoke with the great Mexican novelist Carmen Boullosa about her (new-to-the-English-language) novel Texas: The Great Theft, translated by Samantha Schnee and published by Dallas’ own Deep Vellum. You can now enter the flow of our conversation in the pages of Entropy.

At Literary Hub, Will Evans of Deep Vellum Publishing celebrates the burgeoning literary scene here in Dallas. And he’s kind enough to include mention of yours truly.

The Collagist requested that I answer a few questions using only excerpts from my most recent publication (Crepuscule W/ Nellie). You can now access the outcome of this experiment via The Collagist‘s blog.

I recently asked fellow novelist Mike Heppner a few questions about his latest novel We Came All This Way, coming June 9 from Thought Catalog Books. You can now read Mike’s insightful and often droll responses at Entropy.

You can read another new poem of mine, “Love Song With Eclipsed Objects [Copla Unificada Con Los Súbditos Sacrificados]” at Enclave. Thanks to Editor Janice Lee for finding room for these stanzas in the #finalpoems series.

Kirkus Reviews recently reviewed Crepuscule W/ Nellie, and found it to be “challenging, unconventional, rewarding imagining” as well as filled with “striking, lush writing.” The complete write-up is available here.

I have a new poem, “A Hearth Full of Demagogues [Incendios En El Hogar]” in the latest issue (9) of Fruita Pulp. Thanks to Editor Kyle Harvey and all at Fruita Pulp for including me in their most excellent journal.

Eric Lindley and I have been collaborating on a project entitled “Definitions to Words in Danger of Falling out of the Vocabulary.” You can now read one entry from this series—“Wolf”—at tNY.Press’ theEEEL (The Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature).

The latest (and, as it turns out, last) issue of [out of nothing] is now available: #8, “its about does not abound in only’s subject.” I’m very fortunate to have collaborated with Janice Lee and Eric Lindley these past 6 years on this project, and quite gratified to have worked (conspired?) with them one more time to bring exciting new work from Heather Campbell, Debra DiBlasi, Robert Fernandez, Nicholas Grider, Leif Haven, Paul Koniecki, Aaron Kunin, Jake Reber, Kylan Rice, Allison Spence, Chaulky White, Afton Wilky, Maged Zaher & emcee Tyrone Williams to the world’s attention. (And for those interested in learning more about the design of this particular issue, please check out this entry at, the [out of nothing] blog / companion.)

I recently spoke with poet Jennifer MacKenzie about her collection My Not-My Soldier, winner of the 2014 Fence Modern Poets Series Prize. Our exchanges can now be read in the pages of Entropy.

Another excerpt from Crepuscule W/ Nellie is now available at Berfrois. Thanks to Russell Bennetts and his colleagues.

Michelle Newby has written a wonderfully lively and rather kind review of Crepuscule W/ Nellie for the The Collagist. You can read her review here.

Crepuscule W/ Nellie now has a dedicated website: You can interact with annotated excerpts from the novel, and even submit your own notes and paratextual content.

Thanks to the organizers of &Now 2015: Blast Radius, CalArts (Valencia, CA), March 25 – 28, for a profoundly diverse and inspiring weekend. Thanks too, to my fellow presenters on the “Pataphysical Innovations: A Reading and Discussion with Apostrophe Books” panel: Gina Abelkop, Johannes Göransson, Richard Greenfield, Catherine Meng, Tony Trigilio & Mark Tursi.

Huge thanks to David Haynes, Cara Diaconoff, Greg Brownderville, Leslie Reid, Nancy Allen, and the entire SMU English Department for an exhilarating 3 days (March 19 – 21). Much appreciation as well to my fellow 2015 SMU Literary Festival (“Litfest”) authors: Alan Shapiro, Liam Callanan, R. Flowers Rivera, Peter Turchi, Jeffrey Renard Allen, Elizabeth T. Gray Jr., and Jericho Brown.

I recently answered a “Meet the Members” questionnaire for the Writers’ League of Texas. You can read my responses here.

David Eric Tomlinson has written a very generous and incredibly insightful review of Crepuscule W/ Nellie for the Writers’ League of Texas. You can read his review here.

Christopher Higgs invited me to participate in his “What How & With Whom” interview series for Entropy. You can read my responses to his questions re: Crepuscule W/ Nellie here.

I’ve written an installment in Entropy‘s year-long experiment in the collaborative novel, “Their Days Are Numbered.” You can read what happens in my chapter here.

I have a new poem, “Decimal Cereus,” showcased this week at Leveler. Thanks to editors editors P.J. Gallo, Evan Glasson & Yotam Hadass for the selection, and for providing some generous commentary.

You can check out a couple videos from my January 8 2015 reading at Malvern Books in Austin, TX on YouTube (link 1; link 2). Thanks to Becky Garcia, Joe Bratcher, B. Alan Bourgeois and everyone else at Malvern for a great evening.